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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> say thank you to everyone. say good night. had a great time. see you later. good evening. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. senate just passed last weekend's emergency bill to keep the government funded and running through the end of the fiscal year. the house approved the vote. get update from carl cameron. good evening. >> reporter: hi, bret. after the many months and week of partisan haggling, they cut a deal. senate passed on 81-19-volt. 14 republicans voted no. that followed a day of battling among house republicans when the lower chamber passed it today.
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six-and-a-half months overdue on comfortable vote. the house finally passed trillion-dollar budget for the rest of the fiscal year to cut spending $38.5 billion. >> never before has any congress made dramatic cuts such as these that are in this final bill. >> reporter: but a fourth of all house republicans, 59 total voted against the deal saying it does not cut enough. >> people are saying hey, stick to your guns. make the cuts. maybe the necessary adjustments in the budget, the federal government level that we are having to do for the american family. with the small businesses. >> house speaker john boehner rebuffed the g.o.p. critics of the deal and dismissed report by the nonpartisan congressional budget office saying the $38 billion in cuts only trims this year's record $1.6 trillion annual deficit by $352 million. >> there are some that claim that the spending cuts in this bill aren't real. that they're gimmicks. well, i just think it's total
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nonsense. >> reporter: republican defections made it necessary for passage. half of democrats, 81, voted yes. led by steny hoyer of maryland. >> the american public expect to us be able to act. fridaylock is not what they voted for. >> madam speaker, i will vote for this resolution. >> reporter: some think the bipartisan coalition may serve as basis for future deal to cut the $14 trillion debt. >> it will come together today to pass short-term budget reductions that are necessary. the hardest test for the coalition is a deficit and debt reduction plan. i think we can do it. >> in addition to the budget, house pass and sent to the senate two separate measures to defund planned parenthood and the president healthcare reform law. both were promptly defeated in the democratically-controlled senate where lawmakers on both sides were impatient to get
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this year's overall budget over with. and now that it is done, the house republicans have already begun debating the 2012 budget as authored by the house budget chairman paul ryan. the senate will not be taking up that. lawmakers are eager to get out of town for the two-week upcoming congressional recess. bret? >> bret: i bet. carl, thank you. president obama will spend the evening in his adopted hometown of chicago. raising money for his re-election effort and the democratic party. more on that later. but first, before leaving he was talking about even bigger money. how to stop the government from hemorrhaging it. white house correspondent mike emanuel has that story. >> a day after delivering a debt plan speech criticized for being too partisan and political, president obama met with the co-chair and other advisors and struck a bipartisan tone. >> my main purpose today is to again thank them for the outstanding work. more importantly to look at their ideas in terms of how we move forward.
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>> the president spent much of the 40-minute speech blasting a plan crafted by budget chairman paul ryan. mr. obama's plan has been criticized for being short on specifics, though the aides defend it as a framework. tax increases are a major part of the plan to cut the deficit. today the white house budget director told reporters that the revenue would be generated from those earning more than $250,000 a year. >> the savings, were outlined yesterday and the framework, is it not necessary to go below that point? >> they used video with charts and graphs to magnitude the rob. he seemed frustrated by the attack. >> when the commander-in-chief bring himself down to the mosh pit that we are in it makes it more difficult to bring that kind of leadership. >> sources say ryan's plan is causing heartburn on capitol hill because it's nonbinding
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and yet members are asked to vote to make cuts in popular programs such as medicare. at the white house, cochair of the commission emphasized similarities over differences. >> every single plan talks about the $4 trillion worth of deficit reduction. that is the key. now what we have to do is take the best ideas out of all the plans and get to real action. >> republican cochair of the deficit commission sounds pessimistic vice president biden and other negotiators will meet the president's deadline of a deal by the end of june. >> having spent 18 years here and watching people set date is a lost cause. goofiest thing you can do is say by this date we'll be there. >> simpson said after hearing the partisan tone of the president's speech yesterday, "pray for the gang of six," referring to the bipartisan group of senators trying to find a debt compromise. this is as the white house is pushing congress to vote to raise debt ceiling in the coming weeks in 2006, mr. obama voted against doing that. and today he told abc news
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that was a political vote on his part. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on the north lawn. thank you. one of the new fiscal crusaders for republicans is wisconsin governor scott walker. he was on capitol hill today to both explain and defend his get tough policy on public employee unions. correspondent shannon bream takes a look. >> reporter: wisconsin's republican governor scott walker who finds himself in the national spotlight because of a showdown with the state public employee union came to capitol hill thursday to testify along with vermont's democratic governor. about the tough financial challenges states across the country are now facing. >> today we look forward to hearing how they are going to retain the viability of their state, long after their terms have ended. >> reporter: it was clear that most of the democrats on the house oversight committee had something else in mind entirely. namely chastising walker, for working to reduce public employee collective bargaining
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rights and asking workers to raise their contributions to benefit plans. >> we should be helping these workers, not attacking them. thatry the engine and author of the american recovery. >> if you refuse to drive through command and strip workers with collective bargaining rights, had nothing to do with the budget. ref fuse to negotiate and rejected the union's offer. >> it appears very much to me and others to be ideologically and politically motivated. >> reporter: walker was unapologetic about what he calls his progressive approach to securing wisconsin's future. >> so i'm here and other places around the country say it's a bold political move. i argue it's a modest request. if you ask the middle class workers in my state, they will tell you they think what we are offing is reasonable. >> moody invesor service says this of walker's plan. "if enacted the budget will be credit-positive for wisconsin. by bringing the state finances closer to a structural budgetary balance." he believes there are less
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drastic ways to tack the problem. >> you don't have to take on the basic principle of collective bargaining. you have don't take on your firefighters or your police officers or your teachers. you don't take on your hardworking employees. you have work together with them with maple syrup, not vinegar. it works. >> reporter: one victory today for supporters of walker's plan. a judge in dane county, wisconsin, ruled a number of elective leaders do not have standing in the official capacity to challenge constitutionality of the measure. there are several other legal challenges pending. >> bret: thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow added 14, the s&p 500 gained a tenth of a point. nasdaq gave back one. rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage rose for the fourth straight week. the new rate is 4.91%. up from 4.87. more expensive gasoline pushed up wholesale prices in march. they rose .7 of a percentage point. gasoline prices were up only a fraction of a penny overnight. the national average is now
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$3.81 a gallon. crude oil futures added $1 to close at $108.11 a barrel. ♪ ♪ >> bret: applications for first-time job lost benefits increased by 27,000 last week. meanwhile, "usa today" reports that just 45.4% of americans had jobs last year. that is the lowest rate since 1983. and down from a peak of 49.3% in 2000. some of those looking for work may want to check out expanding segment of a retail industry. correspondent jonathan serrie reports on the growing power of the dollar. >> hello, welcome to family dollar. >> reporter: discount retailer family dollar and the rival dollar general plan to open 900 new stores and create more than 9,000 new jobs this year. >> the pace of the new store openings is ramping up. we have more aggressive goals
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in 2012 than we have for 2011. >> family dollar says the nation's high unemployment and closure of retail chains led to more experienceed job applicants at the corporate and store level. >> the applicant pool changed dramatically since late 2008, early 2009. we have seen higher quality candidate, as well as the higher educated candidate. >> the company officials say many of the applicants they're seeing are looking for second careers and considering retail for the first time. >> at a fraction the size of a typical wal-mart, the small box retailers offer the price advantage of a national chain. with convenience of a neighborhood store. >> we go into a lot of small towns that may not have a grocery store. you know, where the nearest big box retailer might be ten, 15 miles away. >> a sluggish economy is driving value-conscious consumers to discount retailers. >> the dollar stores continue to do very well. and continue to really outperform the rest of retail.
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>> with 7,000 stores in 44 states, north carolina based family dollar plans to expand west to california. >> i think the future of the space continued growth. there are still a lot of markets across the u.s. that don't have dollar stores. >> in addition to job-seekers and consumers, investors are taking note. the leading general merchandise discount retailers are trading close to their 52-week highs in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. >> bret: we go from inexpensive stuff to free stuff. you will never guess what kids and capitol hill staffers are getting more nothing. that's later in the grapevine. up next, they are alleys but nato members can't agree about what to do about muammar gaddafi. for pain? oh, bayer aspirin? i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. it works great f pain. [ male announcer nothing's proven to relieve pain better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. feel better? yeah. thanks for the tip.
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it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules. >> bret: secretary of state hillary clinton is warning nato allies against precipitous troop withdrawals in afghanistan. clinton says reductions should be based on security conditions, not potential or
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political expediency. suicide bombers stageed three attacks today. one targeted a training area for a new u.s. -back village defense force, killing three people. in world headlines now, bahrain's official news agency says authorities have ordered the shutdown of the country's largest shiite party. shiites are blamed for antigovernment protest against the kingdom's sunni leadership. bahrain declared martial law last month to quell the report. reports from misurata says the shelling resulted in 13 deaths today. the fighting continues and nato leaders continue to argue over what to do about it. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is watching the developments. >> reporter: looking like someone who won the super bowl or world cup, muammar gaddafi paradeed through the streets of tripoli after airstrike in the capital. they taunted the nato members
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calling them colonizing crusade evs as president obama met with one of three arab countries that joined joined the coalition, emir of qatar. they tried to show unity, position of the 28 -- as tension boiled over with france and britain publicly calling for more help from nato members. availed criticism of the u.s. for not providing more of the offensive strike capabilities at a time when the mission appears to be stalemateed. >> we are also sharing the same goal, which is to see the end of the gaddafi regime in libya. we are contributing in many ways in order to see that goal realized. >> reporter: rebels have been given high-tech equipment from nato and they continued to send missions. they repeatedly testified the u.s. was no longer dropping bombs on libya. >> the military capabilities cas
6:17 pm
that we intend to provide after the next two days would not include the close air support of ac-130s. >> right. we would not participate in the strike mission. >> reporter: now it turns out the u.s. have 11 fighter jets that are in fact dropping bombs since last week. six f-16s and five growlers and 40 fighter planes on standby in italy. senator john mccain is calling for the u.s. to reengage further. >> the united states is nato and when you say that we are handing it over to nato, you are handing it over to people and countries with limited capabilities and limited assets. it's too bad and i would love to see our assets back in the fight. >> reporter: in an effort to show political unity, president obama, french leader nicolas sarkozy and british prime minister david cameron penned an op-ed for tomorrow's newspapers where they call for gaddafi to go. though the u.n. mandate does
6:18 pm
not authorize regime change. >> bret: more with the panel. jennifer, thank you. north carolina north korea -- north korea is getting ready to arrest american for proselytizing. they say he has been in custody since november. south korean media say he is in his 60s and was detained for spreading christianity. japan's emperor today made the first visit to the area ravaged by last month's earthquake and tsunami. also police sealed and protected -- in protective suits began searching for bodies near the country crippled nuclear plant. rowdy protesters scuffleed with security outside b.p. annual shareholder meeting in london. gulf coast residents complained they were denied permission to into the session and air catch sation demands. meeting takes place days shy
6:19 pm
of the anniversary of the explosion that began the gulf oil spill. still ahead, president obama heads to his re-election campaign headquarters. we're there. up next, wake-up call for air traffic controllers. who have been asleep on the job. ♪ [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> bret: the head of the nation's air traffic controllers resigned. rude awakening for an industry living through media nightmare over sleeping workers. correspondent molly henneberg reports on the situation keeping many people up at night. >> reporter: transportation secretary ray lahood says he will not tolerate sleeping air traffic controllers. >> i have expressed my outrage. >> reporter: since january, f.a.a. says overnight air traffic controllers were found
6:23 pm
sleeping on the job in reno, seattle, no,ville and washington, d.c. early wednesday morning, medical transport plane was trying to land at 2:00 a.m. in reno but the sole air traffic controller was asleep. the pilot contacted a northern california tower. >> yeah, we're going to need to land. >> landing at your own risk. last reported wind was calm. >> reporter: the pilot landed safely. today, hank who led the air traffic control system for the f.a.a. abruptly resigned. an industry analyst suggested it wasn't voluntary and more should follow. >> we're moving in the right direction. it just hope this is the first of the people who are going to get fired because the f.a.a. air traffic control system is a mess. >> secretary lahood asked the f.a.a. administrator and the head of the air traffic controller union to visit the number of control towers nationwide. starting monday in atlanta. their mission. >> to talk directly with controllers. about their job, about the
6:24 pm
hours they work. about the conditions within which they work. to really try and get a sense if there are some changes that need to be made. >> reporter: the secretary also has ordered airports to staff the overnight shift with two air traffic controllers. but some critics say more does not necessarily mean awake. >> we have plenty of air traffic controllers. they are well paid. what we need is responsible folks, examples when people don't perform to eliminate them. >> reporter: congressman mica, the chair of the house transportation committee says the f.a.a. administrator randy babbitt assured him today he will "clean house," and improve training for air traffic controllers in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> bret: they still won't go as fast as airplanes but vehicles in texas could some day be traveling far above the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit. correspondent kris gutierrez reports on the pros and cons of putting lonestar drivers on
6:25 pm
the fast track. >> reporter: if you think traffic is fast in texas now, just wait. legislation is working its way through the texas state house to allow future highways to have speed limits up to 85 miles per hour. texas already has more than 500 miles of rural interstate that allow 80 miles an hour. none of those are any other existing roads would change. the 85-mile-per-hour limit would only apply to new construction on roads engineered for that speed and only at the texas transportation commission approves. backers say it's just another tool in the toolbox. >> we have lots of ground to cover. we're a big, big state. we're not a small state at all. as we try to move goods and services and more importantly people from destinations to destination, it could be in the future. >> it comes as the highway deaths are down across the country. from 2009 to 2010 traffic deaths fell 3%. the region that includes texas deaths are down almost 7%.
6:26 pm
it's so low the national traffic fatality rate will be at the lowest since 1949. that's why some strongly oppose the plan. insurance industry officials say any increase in speed whether on existing freeway or new one could cause more accidents leading to more injuries and fatalities. >> it's pretty acceptable in texas and across the nation to drive five or ten miles over the speed limit. so does it translate to people driving 90 or 95? that certainly does pose a hazard to the other drivers. >> despite concerns, house lawmakers unanimously passed the legislation last week. now it's on to the senate. where a vote could come as early as next week. governor perry's office says he will thoughtfully consider any legislation that reaches his desk before he signs it in dallas, kris gutierrez, fox news. >> bret: details on an unusual plan to smooth things over on capitol hill. that's next in grapevine. we'll tell you what city thinks it's a good idea to
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. philadelphia safe sex campaign is offing free condoms to children as young as 11. city health department website has a link ordered condoms mailed to youngsters age 11 to
6:31 pm
19. another page reads, "let's face it, sex is more fun when you are not worried about getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease." a health official notes abstinence is mentioned in the campaign but says it's unrealistic to think young people who want to have sex won't. would have, some parents still think it's a pretty bad idea. one said, "i get the sex education thing for kids in schools. but mail-order condoms for 11-year-olds? it's shocking to me." minnesota republican congresswoman michele bachmann agreed to avoid future rences to lens crafters after the eye wear company complained about being dragged in the abortion debate. bachmann recently called planned parenthood the lens crafters of big abortion. role call -- roll call reports they didn't appreciate it -- bachmann called the company's
6:32 pm
request perfectly understandable. finally some folks on capitol hill might be smiling more than usual this week. the daily caller reports more than a dozen staffers received free botox injections. after a d.c. area plastic surgeon offered free treatments worth $400 as part of a government shutdown special. even though the shutdown was averted, doctors still honored the promotion. cnbc correspondent joked she surprised more people haven't signed up. and that maybe it shows what is wrong with washington. "our nation's capital is so used to spending money freely employees don't recognize great savings when it hits them in the face. literally." ♪ ♪ as we mentioned earlier, president obama is back in chicago tonight. steve brown explains why the president offered to headquarter his re-election campaign in his adopted hometown instead of
6:33 pm
washington. >> reporter: president obama's trip home to chicago is all about fundraising, trio of events tonight at two chicago restaurants will bring in reported $2 million with much more expected to follow. >> they have a long time to raise what could be billion dollar by the time this is over. >> reporter: once again, the obama campaign will be run from chicago. this time inside prudential building 700 miles from d.c. jimmy carter was the last sitting president to anchor his re-election headquarters outside of washington, opting for atlanta instead. but the 2008 campaign veteran points out it allows key campaigners to meet anytime, anywhere. >> you have people on a plane who are making decisions and people on the ground who are making decisions. we organized the campaign online. we did a lot of our focus groups online. we did a lot of conference call. >> reporter: maybe the biggest reason to be away from washington is to simply be
6:34 pm
away from washington and its atmosphere. recently described by obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod. >> as the biggest echo chamber in the world, washington, d.c. >> washington is an echo chamber where two parties are bickering and there is a lot of game-playing going on. you don't want to get drawn into that group think or that game playing. >> reporter: illinois republican says any attempt to paint the commander-in-chief as a d.c. outsider just won't work. >> to the extent that there is a notion that locating campaign headquarters in chicago for an incumbent president helps break him out of the so-called white house bubble i think is a fiction. >> reporter: now this chicago trip is all about the re-election effort. no public or official schedule for the president. while he is always on call and on duty, the estimated $600,000 round trip flight aboard air force one today is largely on the taxpayer. minus what is lawfully
6:35 pm
mandated. a first class ticket commercially for every political traveler, today's political traveler total is one, the president. >> bret: steve brown live in chicago. thanks. the texas congressional delegation wants to know why houston home of the johnson space center was passed over as a permanent site for a retired space shuttle. the orbiters will be located in virginia, california, florida, and new york instead. >> has someone in the administration did not like texas. the administration going to clean up the swamp, drain the swamp and take partisan out of washington, d.c. i got to tell you, he hasn't done that. turning washington to chicago. >> i feel bad for them, frankly. i'm delighted that florida did get one of the three. >> bret: texas congressman ted poe points out the first word spoken on the moon landing was "houston," not "new york city." when we come back, muammar gaddafi seems happy, but the nato partners are not.
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it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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we are also sharing the same goal, which is to see the end of the gaddafi regime in libya. we're contributing in many ways in order to see that goal realized. >> so, the military capabilities that we intend to provide after the next two days would not clute -- include the close air support of a-10s and ac-130s? >> that's right. we would not be participating in the strike missions. >> bret: well, as we look in libya, muammar gaddafi apparently paradeed through streets of tripoli moments after a nato airstrike. we're told that the u.s. is now flying missions. 11 fighter jets, dropping bombs since last week. and so that is meaning a lot
6:40 pm
of lawmakers are calling for more action by the u.s. even though they were saying that they were scaling back. take a listen. >> you think the u.s. should get more reengaged militarily? >> absolutely. >> as the rebels were suggesting today? >> absolutely. we have asset and capability that our nato allies and friends just don't have. i would love to see our assets back this the fight. >> that's where we start. panel, steve hayes for "weekly standard." juan williams columnist with the hill and syndicated columnist krauthammer. steve, it seems like there is a back and forth about whether the u.s. is engaged or not in these attack missions. >> even the "new york times" said there was a growing gap between the public statements and the operationm details. what is actually happening on the ground. the administration explanation for this as well, weren't really offensive stikes they were defensive in nature because they were taking out assets that might have
6:41 pm
threatened nato airplanes. that is a tough sell. if this had been the bush administration we'd see the screaming headlines about how bush was lying. the administration seems to have settled on a position in the last 24 hours that is basically this: we're doing everything we can. and there are two problems with that. one, it's manifestly untrue. it's not true that we are doing everything we can. we're not arming the rebels. we haven't taken out libya state tv. not intensifying the strike. not targeting gaddafi there are many, many more things we could be doing. the bigger problem with that statement is if you look at what has happened in the past ten days we're not making progress. i have would argue we're losing ground, the united states and nato, losing ground in libya. the rebels are being defeated and set back. if we are really doing everything we can as the administration claims it's in a sense trumpeting the fact we're losing. >> bret: juan, it seems like this is a mission that is unique. in afghanistan, the
6:42 pm
u.s. complained when nato allies would not get in the fight in the south. they couldn't do this. they couldn't do that. germany couldn't do this. now we are engaged in whatever you are going to call it, i can nettic military action. with caveats. >> well no, question. remember, we're working under the rubrick of the u.n. resolution calling for humanitarian aid and to take out some of the air defenses to serve a no-fly zone. that is the mandate. the rest is done independently in terms of our desire to see the gaddafi regime ousted. so, contrary to what steve says, we are doing a lot. if you heard from secretary clinton, he is saying we are in fact involved in intelligence so we are putting the c.i.a. people on the ground. we're involved in helping the military outfit nato there in terms of everything helping with command and control, the u.s. has the facilities to do to refueling planes. we're engaged in even, you
6:43 pm
know, trying to help to coordinate having other countries intervene militarily. it's not that it has to be us. i have don't think the american people want it to be us. i don't think the administration wants it to be our soldiers on the ground. but to say we're doing nothing is wrong. >> bret: every day an administration official comes out and says gaddafi must go and every day that gaddafi is driven around tripoli in cars hurts, does it hurt the effort of the u.s. saying he must go? if he is not going? >> well, yeah. obviously you want him gone sooner rather than later. want him gone right now. that is not a call as you heard from senator mccain to therefore say, you know what? let the united states take this on by itself, unilaterally. we have assets, the ability and we can do it. that's what senator mccain. >> it's not accurate and it's not fair. >> you heard it on this program. >> he said do more. nobody said the united states should do this unilaterally as the white house claims. >> senator mccain said they
6:44 pm
don't have the assets, we have the assets. and we have the know-how. go take him out. >> bret: charles? >> not only senator mccain who said the united states is not doing enough, it's obvious that our closest assets -- closest allies are saying that. they are complaining yes, the turks and germans and others aren't helping. but what they are really talking about is the united states. you've got gaddafi defying us, going through the street in an open car the way the president of the united states or prime minister of england would not be able to do. he does knelt tripoli supposedly in the middle of a war that we are pretending he is losing. the leaders of the free great countries of the united states, france and britain are penning an op-ed. that's really going to worry libya. you've got the meeting of the allies and the arab states in doh ab declaring today that the changing of the regime is an objective.
6:45 pm
yet there is a stalemate. we are not doing what we can. we are in fact doing far less than we did early in the campaign. and deliberately. again i say if you are going to enter into a war, you are serious or not. you don't enter into a war to defend u.n. resolutions. you enter in a war to object real strategic objective on the ground. that is not what you will do, stay out of it. >> bret: what is your sense of where the american public is here? i'm scanning through the latest interview by abc of president obama. and maybe this isn't the full transcript. so i will have a caveat myself. but i don't see one question about libya. >> it's remarkable. this is sort of disappeared as an issue covered by our colleagues here in the news media. i think the american people are concerned about it, because they're not seeing the leadership. i think if it were clear what we are trying to do and we're willing to do the kind of things that meet the administration's stated objective, which is that gaddafi must go, the people could be more supportive.
6:46 pm
this is the same thing that happened on afghanistan, where the president orders a surge. he gives three speeches about afghanistan in period of 18 months. he is not comfortable making the argument supporting his actions. >> it's not about the president. this is about the american people and the polls are very clear in answer to bret's question. the american people do not want american troops on the ground. american people know that military is overburdened. and it's also financial burden. so, there is just no question. you can make the case, we'll rally around the flag, always support the troops. that is america. thank god. but there is no question if you ask the american people right now, before action is taken should we do it? the answer is no. >> bret: okay. but he did. >> didn't do it. he said nato and he is working with the coalition in order to remove gaddafi. >> bret: i know but the u.s. made the first action. that handed the ball over to nato. >> correct. >> what obama is gaining domestically, and he doesn't gain by withdrawing american effort and leaving it to the other allies who can't finish
6:47 pm
the job, he is succeeding domestically it's not an issue. he has a foreign audience as well. he is president of the united states. looking at america, declares that gaddafi has the to go. starts in the war, involved in a war. withdraws and gaddafi is thurming his nose at the world of the street. it carries weight in the region and is not good for american standing in the world. >> it will have domestic, plicit call consequences eventually. americans don't like projecting american weakness. that is what we're doing by doubling down on the call for gaddafi to go and not doing what it takes to get him to go. >> bret: up next, the 2012 presidential race. what do you think the biggest issue will be? vote in the online poll at results when we come back. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest.
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we need to see if resources will be there. >> i'm not being cute about it. leaning in that direction. >> talk to advisors to lay out a plan to see if it's something we want to do. we are guessing june. >> i said on day one, if i was president of the united states i'd have the secretary of human services to grant a waiver to all the states. >> bret: before the break we asked what you think the big issue will be. debt is the run-away winner. 71% of the vote. jobs was second. thank you for voting. back with the panel. let's talk 2012 here. charles, the president just arrived moments ago in chicago. he is on a re-election bid. setting up headquarters in chicago. the g.o.p. field, however, is not really taking shape that
6:52 pm
early. what is your assessment? >> hearing santorum and tim pawlenty and bachmann before us, all of them are running they used the royal "we" and they aren't in the white house they're practicing. look, i think it's clear that the field of republicans is unsettled and that there is nobody who stands out as the most likely or the most, or the strongest candidate. i think it's interesting that obama is setting up headquarters in chicago. he wants to give the impression that he has throughout his time in office that he is not from washington. he's not really a politician. he is not even a democrat. he stands above the fray. look at the way he acted last week when the deadline approached on the budget. he said you've got to act as grown-ups, addressing republicans and democrats in congress, as if he isn't a democrat, he wasn't behind the resistance to the republican ideas. he always does this game.
6:53 pm
the man who hovers above it all. the transcender who isn't in the trenches. it won't work. he has been the president and he is washington. >> bret: juan, g.o.p. field? >> it's worrisome because if you are trying to launch a substantial challenge to president obama, at this point, the money should be there. that is absent in all the comments that you hear is the money. fundraisers and the people who put up bucks and say it's worth the time and effort. >> bret: wouldn't you think some of the money is on the sidelines waiting for the person who is going to get in? >> no. some cases, there is going to be some money. there will be a candidate and there will be pro forma let's go through it. in many case what is you see is the money comes and says you're the person. it's evident of a tremendous grassroots, support for that individual. the guy everybody would like
6:54 pm
to see is mike huckabee. not donald trump, but mike huckabee. huckabee ranking number one in all the polls at this moment. >> bret: currently a fox news contributor. has not decided. >> has not decided but does not look like he has the hunger, fire, appetite in the belly for this. what you are looking at then is people who are relatively unknown. i think for the people who raise the money, the question is this money down a rat hole? >> bret: steve, mississippi governor haley barbour is not officially in yet. although he is making all indications that he will be. and ohio governor john kasich said he would be in barbaro's column. >> it's an interesting preendorsement, endorsement of haley barbour. it reflects the strength among sitting republican governors. he did a good job at the r.g.a. by all accounts and raised money for them. a skilled politician. he understands politics in a way that few people do on the national level from the time
6:55 pm
at the rnc, running the r.g.a. and these republican governors will tell you that he gets policy. he can point to things back in mississippi that he understands. i think he is going to have a huge problem on national security issues where he seems to be at least flirting with what would be a neo isolationist foreign policy that's not going to be strong in republican primary field. but interesting that kasich comes out to indicate this early he will support haley barbour. >> bret: how late can they wait in this viral before they say i'm in? >> i think because the field is split and weak it can be late. it could be late summer even. which would be unusual but still possible. >> you know what? it's getting late early, as yogi berra used to say. the reason it's getting late comes back to if the president is going to raise $1 billion, you have to have not only assets but campaign structure. >> the later it goes the more
6:56 pm
likely it is that somebody not in field will jump in like paul ryan. >> bret: interesting. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for magician extraordinaire, president of the czechoslovakia. as a kid, i couldn't wait to ste on that i
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